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Dynamics of individual and collective

More powerful future technologies will make the trade-off between individual and collective empowerment even more dramatic.

One instance of individual empowerment is the enhancement and life-extension of people which will make them cyborgs.

One instance of collective empowerment is the sustainability which must be attained if our civilisation is to survive beyond the 21st century.

Policy- and decision-makers will have to make painful arbitrage between the two and ethics will play an important role in supporting them.

The technologies developed in the 20th century have dramatically extended our outreach and our capabilities, although they do not give a meaning to our life as such. Therefore, the real issue is not Human-Machine interaction but Human-Human relationships, including man-woman relationships in the context of IT-supported dating and pairing, and about the values of our Humanity

How will "coolness" evolve through the generations? Would The Rolling Stones still be cool in 2050?
Could they actually be enhanced and rebooted to survive till then?



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