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The Digital Futures Final Report has just been posted.

Download the Digital Futures Final Report from here and enjoy.

What next?

DG Connect is reflecting on its next move in foresight and on the future of the Futurium website as nominated members of the next Commission go through confirmation hearing. We will need a new Commissioner to help us map our own way into the future.

Watch this space!


...And finally


Quantum Creativity

Di Schrödinger - gatto era un famoso esperimento mentale che coinvolge un (macroscopico) gatto il cui stato quantico si intreccia con quella di un (microscopico) particella quantistica .Lo studio di tali micro-macro entanglement correlazione è uno degli obiettivi del QUANTUM CREATIVITA 'TRANS-DISCIPLINARE PROGETTO.


Beyond Darwin

Soon most jobs will be delegated to machines, including complex decisions based on evidence.

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Internet-ready regulation

To be completed soon!

Stay in touch!.

Meanwhile, please have a look at the report (link on the right column).


Hi all

Hi Everyone!


I'd like to say hello to everyone here. I hope I'll find myself happy with this blog. What do you think about futurium?

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A Journey into 2050 Futures & Policy Challenges

Report/Study: Vilnius (LT), 11/11/2013

Robert Madelin, Director General of DG Connect opened the session mentioning that the objective is not to predict the exact future but to make sense of eleven visions that emerge from the Futurium journey.

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Increasing the weight of Science in Policy-Making: How do we do it?

One of the many challenges of procuring scientific advice for a policy institution is to decide on what topics scientific advice would be needed, and how to best obtain it.

But one challenge that is frequently not sufficiently addressed is how to increase the weight that scientific advice has in the policy making process.

This requires us to rethink how this scientific knowledge is packaged and presented, including the inconvenient truths that are inevitably part of such a conversation.



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