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Onlife Manifesto: Being human in a hyperconnected era



Yiannis LAOURIS registered to attend the Onlife Manifesto: Being human in a hyperconnected era Event

Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute
New Media Lab
Senior Scientist - Director Safer Internet Center Cyprus

MD, PhD in Neurophysiology, MS in Systems & Industrial Engineering. Research in ambient computing, mobile learning, profiling of coginitive abilities. Uses of technology for peace.

Yiannis Laouris is a social and business entrepreneur, a neuroscientist and systems engineer, currently working as Senior Scientist and Chair of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute ( and Future Worlds Center ( Laouris is founding member and elected Secretary General of the Cyprus Society for Systemic Studies, member of the Board of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras and member of the Board of a number of high-tech companies. In the 90’s he founded CYBER Kids (, a chain of franchised computer learning centers, which introduced IT in the lives of thousands of children and adults in several countries. He promotes the application of broadband technologies and structured democratic dialogue as tools to bridge the digital-, economic-, educational- and inter-personal divides in our planet. He is an international leader in the theory and application of the science of structured dialogic design and conducts research towards developing systems to enable scaling up participatory dialogic processes to engage asynchronously thousands of people in meaningful authentic dialogues, thus accelerating institutional and societal change. Laouris has published extensively in neuroscience, applied systems science and peace, and in the neuroscience of learning. He published a few books and contributed chapters in many others.

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