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In order to support the development of interoperable infrastructures, INDENICA aims to provide methods, architectures, components, tools and assets for reuse-based creation of the adapted platforms. Effectively, INDENICA will research on a product line for the development of domain-specific platforms that are interoperable by design. Members of the product line (i.e., platforms) can be modified after deployment, thus providing capabilities to make decisions that are currently made at design time at runtime.

In particular, INDENICA strives for the following research results:

1) It aims to simplify the overall complexity of service platform development. This will be achieved through methods, architectures and tools that support the development of context and domain-specific platforms along with the services.

2) It targets to support platform convergence and interoperability to avoid the increased dependency on external service and platform vendors. This will be achieved by providing a common basis for families of platforms which integrate system management and interoperability capabilities right from the start.

3) It aims to provide a reusable infrastructure for platform development and support the automatic deployment and the monitoring, governance, and adaptation of services in a Virtual Service Platform.

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