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MobiCloud is a collaborative platform for developing, deploying and managing mobile applications for business-critical scenarios.

MobiCloud contributes to a more efficient, greener Europe by allowing public service and private organizations to efficiently exchange real-time data with their field workers, reducing paperwork, optimizing workflows and reducing energy consumption.

The smartphone revolution has opened a large untapped market for mobile cloud services in the enterprise but very few business-critical applications have been brought to market because of:

- high development costs (portability across multiple types of devices)

- human challenges (poor ergonomics of mobile apps for complex business tasks)

- technical challenges (tolerance of cloud services to unstable network connectivity)

MobiCloud addresses the 3 main challenges of mobility:

- cross-platform support based on hybrid technology (native + javascript/HMTL5)

- context-aware data based on the situation of the user (context engine)

- cloud-based distributed architecture (smart & secure connection to third party legacy systems)

MobiCloud’s initial demonstration scenarios focus on industries where collaborative mobile applications can support a more efficient, greener organization: city transit, rail, field service and construction.

MobiCloud is also an online technology marketplace where end-users, mobile developers, application vendors, system integrators and cloud service providers can collaborate to develop an end-to-end solution with high ROI impact.

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