Digital Agenda for Europe
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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

Possible partners in Objective / Research area

Possible partners for objective / research area 6.4 Optimising Energy Systems in Smart Cities

  • CLOUDESCO - Cloud computing platform for energy savings and low carbon economy
  • CSI-Piemonte
  • CTTC
  • eGov/IoT/smart cities team at Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC)
  • eMarketing services and digital channels optimisation
  • Energy optimization
  • Energy self-sufficient grid cells
  • Eye tech Solutions for Artificial Vision
  • Fundación Cidaut
  • Geographically distributed database infrastructure
  • iENERGYMETRICS, Friendly assistant device to help citizens, control and reduce energy consumption
  • Intelligent Energy Usage - SUST Stockholm, Sweden
  • Interest in: FP7-ICT-2013.6.4 / ICT-2013.1.2 / EeB.NMP.2013-4 /ENERGY.2013.8.8.1
  • Isotrol
  • iStreetLight Smart City Solution
  • LOGICA (a CGI company) - we coordinate consortia & perform research
  • Low cost technologies for mobility
  • Measurement and security related analytics - Seacon
  • Member of Board
  • Optimising Ecological and Flexible Energy planning for different phases of Construction of a Brownfield Development area
  • Poste Italiane SpA
  • Prediction based controls and simulation technologies
  • Processing large amounts of (streamed) data
  • Research in field of electric smart grids
  • Smart Appliances in Smart Grid/Smart Home Vision
  • Smart City - energetics and traffic management
  • Smart City Partner
  • Software AG's expertise for Objectives 5.4,6.4
  • Sustainable Innovation in Sweden
  • T-Industry
  • TBC.
  • TST - Highly customizable smart IoT devices
  • UNIZAR - I3A expertise for Objective 6.4
  • Wellness Telecom S.L
  • WSN for Smart Cities - Libelium