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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

Project ideas in Objective / Research area

Project ideas for objective / research area 5.1 Personalised health, active ageing, and independent living

  • A Computer Assisted Telemonitoring and Telemedicine System for Early Warning and Detection of Severe Infections in Hospital Patients in the Euregio
  • Anti-aging and active and healthy aging
  • Biometric recommender stress management system
  • BuddyTV
  • CVDprevention@Employees - Personalized Lifestyle Guidance System for CardioVascular Diseases Prevention at Office Employees
  • ePills - Local Communities embracing Pharmacies
  • eWatchDog
  • HCI-NET – Human Computer Interaction Network for Digital Literacy
  • Help@Home - An ICT platform to facilitate the management of daily activities at home in older adults
  • ICT in elderly care - evaluation, education and training
  • Imaging and communication solutions for mission-critical telesurgical applications
  • Improving the safety on the roads by (tele)monitoring the physical and mental status of drivers
  • Integrate System based on Internet of Things for Enhancing the Quality of Life of Elderly People
  • Integrated Services for active and healthy ageing (ISAHA)
  • Integrative ICT support to predict and manage,in personilized way, substance abuse patients
  • Intelligent individual health data management in thrombosis and hemostasis
  • Mobile Diabetic Guidance System
  • Mobile/Distributed Personal Healthcare Guidance System
  • Monitoring the Elderly Using Minimally Obtrusive Sensors
  • Personal Advisor for Cardiovascular Health
  • Personal Assistant for Healthy Eating
  • Personal Exercise Trainer
  • Personalised Guidance Services for Lifestyle management and disase prevention
  • Personalised Guidance Services for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Persuasive Technology for Well-being
  • Phenological mapping for public allergological prediction
  • PHR-Based self-care and telemonitoring
  • Remotely Controllable Robots for Ubiquitous Home Environment
  • SITUA3 - Smart Installations Towards Urban Area Active Ageing
  • Skin cancer mapping and tracking system for mass population screening
  • SmartHome - independent and safe living at home regardless of functional capacity
  • TakeIT
  • Ticket-to-Talk-Technology ICT for social interaction amongst senior citizens in local communities
  • True connected healthcare – Virtualization, cloudification, and software defined networking for emerging mHealth applications and services
  • V-REALM Virtual Reality in Mental disorders
  • VitalExerCoach
  • Web Wellness Station (WWS)
  • Work-Logging for Elderly