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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

Pivex Energy Municipality
Black Sea Region Energy

Pivex Smart Grids Black Sea Pivex Integrated SEAP Pivex Smart Grid Smart City:The existing initiatives such PIVEX Platform Offshore Grid and the PIVEX Platform projects: -PIVEX BSENTSO-E (PIVEX Black Sea European Network for Transmission System Operators) & national TSOs regional cooperation PIVEX BSENTSO-E Pivex grid development Pivex investment plan coordination.One of PIVEX BSENTSO-E Pivex WG renewable activities is offshore development.

Pivex Black Sea regional group System Development, works for TSO-related solutions for Pivex offshore grid development in the Black Seas. - PIVEX BSERI (PIVEX Black Sea Electricity Regional Initiative) under Pivex Platform J05/1464/6.12.1996, Pivex Smart Grid J 5 / 1626 / 2012 in the Black Sea Region coordinates Pivex Smart Grids Energy Integration, Pivex Working Groups, established by Dr Iulia Platona, TEN-E (Pivex Black Sea Trans-European Networks for Electricity),

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