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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

12.1 Exascale computing platforms, software and applications

This objective focuses on the development of computing platforms, technologies and applications for exascale computing. It aims at leveraging the existing European strengths for building the next generation of extreme performance computing by 2020 and take advantage of the new opportunities created from the transition from peta to exascale computing. This objective builds on the work started following the previous Call on exascale in WP2011-12.

a) Exascale computing platforms

• Support to the development of a very small number of extreme performance computing platforms (hardware and software) with potential for exascale computing, addressing major challenges of extreme parallelism with millions of cores, including energy efficiency, resilience, I/O, and data-driven/data-intensive computations. The work should be validated with the appropriate application drivers (grand challenge application requirements for exascale computing).

b) Innovative solutions for exascale "technology gaps"

• To develop innovative solutions and disruptive approaches for key exascale computing challenges for which the evolution of existing technologies is clearly insufficient ("exascale technological gap"). Emphasis will be placed on the following areas: (i) new system libraries in the area of I/O, communications and scheduling; (ii) new middleware, programming models and modeling architectures to address the increasing heterogeneity of systems; (iii) improved modularity, parallelisation and scalability of applications.

Indicative budget EUR 22 million, of which a minimum of 70% to (a) and 25% to (b)

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