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11.3 High quality cloud computing environment for public sector needs, validated through a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) jointly undertaken by Member States and the European Commission

This action targets the harmonisation of requirements and the implementation of a joint strategy for cloud computing in the European public sector. As public sector bodies at national and European level could equally benefit from the transition towards cloud computing, the implementation of this action is foreseen in the form of a CP-CSA for PCP undertaken by the public sector bodies in Member States and associated countries. The PCP shall be organised while respecting the Treaty principles, the competition rules and the specific requirements in objective 11.1 and Appendix 6.

Public sector requirements for interoperability, information security, data portability or avoidance of vendor lock-in are likely to be similar across a wide range of different areas of activity (health, pension administration, taxation etc) and across different Member States and regions. The CSA part will support the preparation phase of the joint PCP as to enable public sector bodies in Europe to articulate and federate their requirements for prioritised application areas and to stimulate the emergence of concrete solutions for public sector needs. The CP part will support the execution phase of the joint PCP as to enable public sector bodies to jointly coordinate the development and validation of alternative approaches from different providers against the set of joint requirements defined in the preparation phase.

The scope of the targeted solutions covers both the internal use of Cloud computing for ensuring smooth operation of administrative processes within public sector organisations and the external use of Cloud computing for the provision of e-government type services, through the use of clouds, to citizens and businesses:

  • Internal use of Cloud Computing within public sector organisations:

Cloud computing can bring radical improvements in efficiency of IT equipment usage and consequent cost reductions. Improved energy efficiency may also be obtainable. The requirements of public bodies in terms of architecture, interoperability of services, standardisation, data audit and traceability, workflow support etc will be translated into concrete, cloud-based solutions for validation though this action. Certification needs will also be addressed.

  • External use of Cloud Computing for the provision of services to citizens and businesses:

Cloud-based services can be a cost-effective way for governments at all levels to provide services to the public as well as other public sector entities. The requirements in terms of mobile access, data protection, security, performance, multi-cultural interfaces will be translated into cloud-based services for validation through this action. The need for interaction with multiple stakeholders will be considered.

The CP-CSA for PCP should build on existing work (e.g. EIF v2.0 or the NIST Reference Model) or identify needs for future standardisation work.

* Indicative budget: EURO 10 million, of which maximum 30% for the CSA part of the CP-CSA for PCP (1 project)

* Instrument: A "CP-CSA for PCP" grant enable consortia of minimum three public purchasers from three different member states and/or associated countries to apply for EC co-financing to undertake jointly a pre-commercial procurement (PCP). PCP is a public procurement of R&D services to get new innovative solutions developed for public sector needs.

More info on the CP-CSA for PCP funding scheme:

The (CP-CSA for PCP type) grant will combine (through the CSA part) the reimbursement of maximum 100% of the eligible costs for the activities linked to the preparation, management and coordination of the joint PCP call for tender, plus (through the CP part) a reimbursement of maximum 75% of the eligible costs for the procurement of the development of the new ICT solutions through a joint PCP.

It is highly recommended to follow the session for objective 11.1 where information about Pre-Commercial Procurement is presented.

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