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11.2 More efficient and affordable solutions for digital preservation developed and validated against public sector needs through joint Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)

This concerns Call 11:

* Continuous technology change has turned the mandate to preserve digital resources into a constantly evolving challenge for public organisations, such as administrations and memory institutions. It requires innovative, ready-to-use, customisable and affordable technical solutions and new skills in curatorial staff.

Projects should involve all key stakeholders, i.e. public digital collection holders as well as industrial preservation technology and service providers, for carrying out R&D work that responds to well-defined needs shared by the public organisations in Europe.

Technology solutions could cover areas such as preservation-relevant metadata, migration, the preservation of particularly challenging types of digital objects, and others. Work could include establishing and implementing best practices, preservation planning, and staff training; integrating digital preservation requirements in existing information systems; and increasing those systems' resiliency against technological changes. Solutions should be tested against a set of functionality / performance criteria, jointly defined by the potential public purchasers undertaking the joint cross-border pre-commercial procurement.

Use of open platforms and contribution to standards is encouraged. PCPs shall be implemented according to the conditions outlined in objective 11.1 and Appendix 6.

Expected impact

• Reduced preservation costs and improved preservation capacity and competences in public organisations dealing with digital preservation, including small archives.

• Strengthened position of European service and technology providers (including SMEs) in the field of digital preservation

* Indicative budget: EUR 5 million for 1-2 CP-CSA for PCP projects (a maximum of 30% of the funding of a project can be used for the CSA part)

* Instrument: A "CP-CSA for PCP" grant enable consortia of minimum three public purchasers from three different member states and/or associated countries to apply for EC co-financing to undertake jointly a pre-commercial procurement (PCP). PCP is a public procurement of R&D services to get new innovative solutions developed for public sector needs.

More info on the CP-CSA for PCP funding scheme: The (CP-CSA for PCP type) grant will combine (through the CSA part) the reimbursement of maximum 100% of the eligible costs for the activities linked to the preparation, management and coordination of the joint PCP call for tender, plus (through the CP part) a reimbursement of maximum 75% of the eligible costs for the procurement of the development of the new ICT solutions through a joint PCP.

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