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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

11.1 Ensuring more efficient, higher quality public services through Pre-Commercial Procurement of ICT solutions across sectors of public interest

* In WP2013 there are a number of objectives (spread across call 10 and 11) calling for "CP-CSA for PCP" proposals. This enables consortia of minimum three public purchasers from three different member states or associated countries to apply for EC co-financing to undertake jointly a pre-commercial procurement (PCP). PCP is a public procurement of R&D services to get new innovative solutions developed for public sector needs.

* In Call 10, the following objectives call for CP-CSA for PCP proposals:

(1) Objective 11.1

Topic: joint cross-border PCP addressing ICT solutions for improving the quality and/or efficiency of public sector challenges in any area of public interest such as e-gov, transport, energy, environment, health, ageing, security etc.

Indicative budget: €4M (max €1,2M for the CSA part of the grant, 1 project)

(2)Objective 5.1.(d)

Topic: joint cross-border PCP addressingin the domain of personalised Health - Active Ageing

Indicative budget: €8M for up to 1 CP-CSA for PCP projects on personalised care for co-morbid patients and up to 2 CP-CSA for PCP projects on mobile ehealth services (max 30% of the CP-CSA budget for the CSA part)

(3) Objective 11.3

Topic: joint cross-border PCP on high quality cloud computing for public sector needs

Indicative budget: €10M (1 CP-CSA for PCP project), max 30% of the CP-CSA budget for the CSA part

More info on the CP-CSA for PCP funding scheme:

The (CP-CSA for PCP type) grant will combine (through the CSA part) the reimbursement of maximum 100% of the eligible costs for the activities linked to the preparation, management and coordination of the joint PCP call for tender, plus (through the CP part) a reimbursement of maximum 75% of the eligible costs for the procurement of the development of the new ICT solutions through a joint PCP.

* In Call 10, there are also two objectives calling for networking on PCP (CSA grants) in specific ICT domains.

(1) Objective 5.1.(e)(1), Call 10 - Community building public procurers in ehealth, active ageing and independent living (€500.000)

(2) Objective 2.2(b), Call 10 - Robotics research roadmap coordination and socio-economic aspects (e.g. for search and rescue, public services such as security, inspection, cleaning, assistance) or intelligent logistics (max €3M)

* In Call 11, the following objectives call for CP-CSA for PCP proposals:

(1) Objective 11.2

Topic: More efficient, affordable digital preservation

Indicative budget: €5M (up to 2 projects), max 30% of the CP-CSA budget of a project for the CSA part

(2) Objective 8.2

Topic: Technology enhanced learning

Indicative budget: min €5,5M for CP-CSA for PCP (max 25% of the CP-CSA budget of a project for the CSA part)

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Carla DEKKER, 02/11/2012 15:50

NL Agency has years of experience with our national PCP programme and we would like to bring in our expertise in PCP projects. We are currently involved in three cross-boarder EC PCP projects.


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