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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

FET Flagships

FET Flagships are science-driven, large-scale, multidisciplinary research initiatives oriented towards a unifying goal, with a transformational impact on science and technology and substantial benefits for European competitiveness and society. The goals of such initiatives should be visionary and highly ambitious in terms of scientific challenges, resources required and coordinated efforts. They require cooperation among a range of disciplines, communities and programmes, extending over a long period (in the order of 10 years duration). FET Flagships are based on partnerships that enable effective coordination of efforts.

An earlier call in 2010 (FP7-ICT-FET-F) has identified six potential flagships which have been elaborated in a preparatory phase. As a next step, the ramp-up phase, this Work Programme calls for proposals to initiate and build up FET Flagships.Two out of the six candidate flagships will be selected to be launched as a Flagship Initiative in 2013. The proposals for these flagship initiatives should address a grand scientific challenge and need to provide a common research roadmap with well-defined goals and ambitious but realistic milestones. They should be justified in terms of expected scientific advance, potential technological breakthroughs and socio-economic impact. Proposals should describe how the relevant disciplines, stakeholders and resources will be brought together and be efficiently coordinated under strong scientific leadership.

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