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FET Open scheme

FET Open scheme: challenging current thinking and attract-ing future potential

FET-Open is a light, topic-agnostic and deadline free scheme specifically designed to be open and continuously responsive to novel and fragile ideas that challenge current thinking, whenever they arise and wherever they come from. It aims at foundational breakthroughs that can open radically new directions for information and communication technologies in the future. FET-Open also aims to increase the role of young researchers and high-tech research intensive SMEs in its cooperative research to further enhance their disruptive innovation potential and to unlock longer-term scientific and industrial leadership.

Because of its foundational nature, FET research is especially well placed for global collaboration. This work programme provides opportunities to extend on-going FET projects through new col-laboration components (top up) involving the best researchers worldwide, so as to create global in-terest and raise the level of ambition around research avenues incepted within FET.

Radically new ideas can come anytime, from anybody and from anywhere. FET-Open is specifi-cally designed to be open and responsive to such fresh thinking. It aims to give promising but still fragile ideas the opportunity to mature into a credible and well-founded new direction of research.

What is common to all objectives under FET-Open is that they seek proposals on radically new concepts and visions of the nature and use of information and information technologies, grounded in scientifically plausible and often inter-disciplinary ideas on how to achieve them. In spite of the high risk of failure, FET-Open projects can be the first step on the way towards future European scientific and industrial leadership in areas that today simply do not exist yet.

In this work programme, the FET-Open scheme features the following objectives:

  • Objective ICT-2013.9.1: Challenging current Thinking
  • Objective ICT-2013.9.2: High-Tech Research Intensive SMEs in FET research
  • Objective ICT-2013.9.3: FET Young Explorers
  • Objective ICT-2013.9.4: International cooperation on FET research
  • Objective ICT-2013.9.5: FET-Open Xtrack

All these objectives are continuously open for submission. The FET-Open Objective ICT-2013.9.5 trials a new and lighter submission process, aims at a faster evaluation and a simpler project imple-mentation. This pilot bridges to the implementation of the FET Open Scheme in Horizon2020, from 2014 onwards.

All FET-Open objectives call for STREPs , but with eligibility criteria that are specific to each ob-jective. CSAs are accepted only under objective 2013.9.1. They are submitted directly as full pro-posals and are evaluated in one step.

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