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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

8.2 Technology-enhanced learning

Research under this objective targets tailored, scaled and tested R&D for stimulating the take-up of learning technologies in different learning contexts, reinforces the evidence-base of effectiveness of learning technologies and encourages their innovative use.

a) ICT-enabled learning environments: joint pre-commercial procurement (PCP) of innovative solutions for teaching national curricular topic(s) in primary and/or secondary education, based on latest advances in pedagogical, cognitive and other relevant scientific disciplines.

b) Learning analytics, educational data mining: tools and processes for collecting, storing, exploring and reasoning on large-scale educational data to better understand learners' knowledge, assess their progress and evaluate environments in which they learn. These tools and processes should aim at improving learning and teaching (including 21st century skills) for students and instructors.

c) Holistic learning solutions for managing, reaching and engaging learners in the public administrations.

d) Support for organising competitions for breakthroughs in the successful adoption and scaling-up of the use of innovative learning technologies in formal learning contexts for raising awareness at European level about effective methods and technologies for learning.

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