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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

8.1 Technologies and scientific foundations in the field of creativity

Research under this objective should contribute to equipping different industries with more effective creative tools, expand the potential of technology in the human creative processes and advance the scientific understanding of creativity providing the basis for future innovative technologies and develop roadmaps for future research and innovation.

a) Creative experience tools: tools that make use of all our senses and allow for richer, more collaborative and interactive experiences are cost effective, intuitive with special attention to users like SMEs and individual creators and demonstrated in real environments.

b) Intelligent computational environments stimulating and enhancing human creativity: research exploring the potential of technology in enhancing human creative processes in professional contexts involving domain-specific skills.

c) Progress towards formal understanding of creativity: research advancing the measurable capability of computers to produce results assessed by humans as useful, original and surprising.

d) Roadmaps for future research and innovation: cross- and inter-cluster support activities to boost competitiveness in creative industries.

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Relevant challenge: 8. ICT for Creativity and Learning

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