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6.3 ICT for water resources management

ICT offers an untapped potential to improve the management of water resources by integrating real-time knowledge about water consumption at domestic, corporate and city level, and by enabling subsequently the implementation of efficient resource and demand management strategies and pricing schemes.

Targeted outcomes:

The aim is to pilot and demonstrate innovative ICT systems and services for efficient water use and reuse, in order to improve household, business and societal awareness, to induce changes in consumer behavior and to enable the introduction of innovative resource and demand management schemes and adaptive pricing incentives.

Key research challenges to be addressed include:

a) Providing quantifiable evidence of the potential of ICT to contribute to efficient water resources management by increasing household, business and industry awareness regarding water use, triggering the adoption of new demand management and pricing schemes, and contributing to meeting EU resource efficiency targets in a digital society.

b) Validating ICT-enabled innovations in real-life operational settings with the active involvement of stakeholders and end users from the water and the ICT domain; demonstrating in public the ICT potential for efficient water use, assessing its impact at domestic, corporate or municipality level, and exploring possible business case scenarios.

Projects should cover: (i) new ICT research and/or innovative integration of ICT-enabled solutions for water resources management at domestic, public/private building industry and/or city level, (ii) substantial validation of the proposed ICT solutions in at least two real-life operational environments, over a sufficient period of time to cover seasonal variations, and with the involvement of real users from the responsible water operators, households and the ICT industry, (iii) assessment of impact of the proposed solutions and preparation of a business case including open access options and possible take-up activities, and iv) a final dissemination event, including a public demonstration and a "hands-on" training of targeted users.

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STREP EUR 14 million



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Cristian BORRELL, 04/06/2013 13:41

I think it's very important to continue investigating and investing money in projects related to water resources. Water has always been a necessary and indispensable to live.

In my view the company as director I have to say that we need to educate people, people need to know how to use the water.

If we can improve this point we can move much.


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