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6.1 Smart Energy Grids

This objective explores the potential of bringing together stakeholders from both the energy utilities and the telecom sector to develop common approaches for future digital networks and smart energy services infrastructure for electricity distribution. The focus is on data management including the exchange of information with transmission network operators and with end users. Special attention is given to exploring new business models for DSOs (Distribution System Operators).

Targeted Outcome:

Intelligent systems built over existing and future telecommunication networks and services that will assist in the management of the electricity distribution grid in an optimized, controlled and secure manner.

Key research challenges to be addressed:

a) Sharing of backbone infrastructure and last mile connectivity, considering not only technologies (e.g. LTE, GPRS, PLC, and possibility for spectrum allocation) but also the appropriate business models to deliver significant cost and investment savings.

b) Improving robustness and reliability of the existing telecommunication infrastructure in order to cope with mission critical services that require milliseconds response times. Explore the possibility of deploying dedicated services on shared telecoms infrastructure, rather than entirely new infrastructure.

c) ICT technologies for active electricity network management, demand/response, load balancing and forecasting and congestion management. Developing a methodology for capacity calculation.

d) Developing telecommunications services and platforms specific for energy distribution taking into account control of access to customer information and consumer data, in particular smart metering data; data ownership and associated level of security and use of data; business models; system reliability; long term availability; and avoidance of vendor lock-in.

Funding schemes


Indicative budget distribution

STREP: EUR 18 million

Call: FP7-ICT-2013-11

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Relevant challenge: 6. ICT for a low carbon economy

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Iulia PLATONA, 26/12/2012 14:40

Iulia Platona

Pivex Energy Municipality Black Sea




Pivex replication projects Pivex Smart Grids BLACK SEA GRID CLUSTERS+

PIVEX BLACK SEA GRID CLUSTERS+ project is to implement and support the management, planning and networking process of the EEGI over the years 2012-14, both within and beyond European borders. In line with the requirements of the energy call (2011.7.3-1 Network of projects developing the future European Electricity Networks), the coordination action will contribute to maximise the effectiveness of the EEGI by reinforcing the cooperation among key actors of the initiative, increasing the visibility, co-operation and impact of the projects funded at EU and local level, and providing the necessary identity and visibility for the EEGI.

The GRID+ projects team has identified 6 interlinked objectives:

• MAP: To map the research, development and demonstration activities in support of Smart Grid deployment at transmission and distribution level, in Europe and abroad, against the priorities and goals of the EEGI Roadmap

• INTERACT: To foster a networking process between EEGI projects and engage with other Smart Grids initiatives worldwide

• MONITOR: To support the definition, validation, updating and use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to assess the progress of the initiative and the consistency of project proposals with the EEGI expected benefits and to achieve EEGI-related project goals.

• REPLICATE: To support scaling up and replication activities with the help of methodologies based on project KPIs.

• DISSEMINATE: To prepare the means and tools in view of the dissemination of the new knowledge from the demonstrators related to the EEGI towards the grids community and its stakeholders.

• UPDATE: To provide three revisions of the EEGI implementation plan which include a benefit assessment based on the program and project KPI.


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