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5.2 Virtual Physiological Human

This objective focuses both on consolidation of the VPH effort started in previous work programmes and on bridging towards Horizon 2020. In consolidating the VPH results, a particular focus will be put on the clinical and personal use of the VPH technologies. The preparation of future research activities are also expected through road mapping.

Target outcomes

a) Clinical proof of concept of patient specific computer based models. The work should target the development and integration of software technologies and human-computer interaction techniques into decision support and treatment planning system based on patient specific models of organs or diseases to be directly used by the healthcare professionals. The work focuses on small scale clinical as well as pre-clinical validation/trials demonstrating and providing clinical evidence of the benefits of the use of computer based models.

b) Personal Health Forecasting for personalised health status monitoring and prediction. Projects should address the development and integration of decision support system based on Digital Patient, associated with on-line service to allow for prediction of the evolution of patient health. The citizen will have access to on-line services based on VPH models processing constantly the patient specific data collected by personal health systems and experience them in real time. The work focuses on demonstrators/pilots for personalised well being, monitoring and prediction of chronic conditions based on predictive models. It could also be applicable to the lifestyle management, wellbeing and disease prevention. Research may also engage in predictive data mining from sensor data, and self-reported health and activity assessment and other potentially heterogeneous data sources to discover risks to people (for example with chronic illnesses) that are not disease specific.

c) One Coordination and Support Action to develop an RTD roadmap preparing the ground for in-silico clinical trials. In-silico clinical trials aims at using computer based models to simulate how patients cohorts would react to new treatment, new drugs. The different impacts of these new technologies and approaches should be explored. The work focuses on roadmap to research and develop methodology to define the role and impact of computer based models in in-silico clinical trials. The full roadmap will consist of investigating the needs, the vision, the gaps, the impact and the research agenda.

Funding Schemes

a) and b) : STREPs

c) One CSA

Indicative budget distribution

  • STREP: EUR 30.9 million
  • CSA: EUR 1 million



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