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5.1 Personalised health, active ageing, and independent living

This activity is a continuation of the three previous Objectives on "Personal Health Systems", "Patient Guidance Services" and "ICT for Ageing and wellbeing" in the ICT WP 2011-12. It bridges to Horizon 2020 and supports directly the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

Target Outcomes

(a) Personalised Guidance Services for lifestyle management and disease prevention. The aim is the development of personalised services, which enable individuals, from the younger to the elder population, to become co-producers of their health and maintain good health status.

(b) Personalised Guidance Services for management of co-morbidities and integrated care. The aim is the development of personalised services and care programmes, which engage patients as well as their relatives, as active members of the care team, enhance collaboration among carers and promote continuity of care across different care settings. The focus is on patients who suffer from multiple chronic conditions.

(c) Personalised Services for Independent Living and Active Ageing, for empowering people with age related dependencies to live independently for longer. The target is to develop novel prototypes of systemic solutions compensating for prevailing age-related physical and cognitive impairments leading to a significant prolongation of functional capacity, delay in institutionalisation, increased autonomy and participation in society.

(d) Pre-commercial Procurement Actions (PCP). d1) Development of personalised care programmes for effective management of co-morbid patients, implemented with the use of ICT. d2) Development of mobile eHealth services to empower patients and enable patient-centric care, using mobile devices and converging software platforms.

(e) Coordination and Support Actions. e1) Community building on procurement approaches. To develop a stakeholder ecosystem and a core communications platform interconnecting in particular public procurers from Member States and Associated countries responsible for defining the acquisition strategies for innovative ICT solutions in eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living. e2) Communications activities: To network all the eHealth, Active Ageing and Independent Living projects in FP7 and CIP, in order to co-ordinate their communication actions, exploit synergies with existing information services and achieve greater visibility to the general public. e3) IT skills for healthcare workforce in the EU and USA: To promote the development of renewed educational material and programmes in the EU and USA, with the aim of improving the IT skills of healthcare workers and facilitating the implementation of eHealth systems in practice. e4) Interoperability of patient summary between EU and US: To compare specifications of EU and US patient summaries with the aim of developing and testing common and consistent specifications and systems allowing the interoperability of electronic health records across the Atlantic. e5) Interoperability: To explore new ideas to accelerate or improve the international standardisation in the domain of eHealth and to propose a realistic roadmap to implement the recommended measures, taking into account the importance to have a convergent EU-US approach.

Funding Schemes

a-c): IP/STREP; d): CP-CSA; e): CSA

Indicative budget distribution

  • IP/STREP: EUR 48.3 million, with the objective to support at least one IP in a), at least one IP in b) and at least one IP in c)
  • CP-CSA: EUR 8 million, with the objective to support up to one CP-CSA for d1) and up to two for d2) (maximum 30% of the CP-CSA budget for the CSA part)
  • CSA: EUR 1.7 million. For each topic, up to one CSA will be selected with maximum duration of 24 months and maximum EC funding of EUR 500.000 for e1), EUR 400.000 for e2), EUR 200.000 for e3), EUR 200.000 for e4) and EUR 400.000 for e5).

Call: FP7-ICT-2013-10

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Relevant challenge: 5. ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance

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