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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

4.2 Scalable data analytics

Objective ICT-2013.4.2 focuses on scaling up data analysis to keep pace with the rate of growth of data streams and collections and enable novel forms of real time intelligence that only become possible on extremely large data volumes. It will also bring together communities around two broad areas (hardware optimisations for data analytics and social externalities of Big Data) in order to define a shared European plan for action in the years to come.

Expected impact

  • Reinforced ability for a wide range of innovators to tap data infrastructures and to add value beyond the original purpose of the data through data analysis.
  • Reinforced ability to find, reuse and exploit data resources (collections, software components) created in one environment in very different, distant and unforeseen contexts.
  • Value creation through extensive data collection and analysis.
  • Increased efficiency of organisations and better management of societal challenges (emergencies, planning, ..) through more timely and better decision making.
  • A shared European vision on how to structure future work so that data analytics can take advantage of advances in hardware and non-CPU processors.
  • A shared European vision of how as a society we can reap the positive effects of generating, aggregating, sharing and selling data and how we can avoid the negative effects such as the erosion of privacy.

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