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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

4.1 Content analytics and language technologies

Due to the combined effect of globalisation and European integration, there is a growing need for effective solutions that support multilingual business and inter-personal communication, and enable people accessing digital services in Europe's many languages. The focus is on exploring and testing new approaches, methods and techniques to extract, interpret and exploit information from unstructured multilingual and/or multimedia sources, yielding actionable knowledge. This is achieved through the following four Target Outcomes:

a) Cross-media content analytics

b) High-quality machine translation

c) Natural spoken and multimodal interaction

For each of the target outcomes (a), (b) and (c), the call invites

(i) a few ambitious R&D STREP projects investigating new, cross-disciplinary approaches and partnerships, exploring research avenues well beyond the current state of the art. Projects shall address multimedia content and multimodal interaction, everyday language, multiple languages (written and/or spoken), as appropriate. Technologies shall be adaptive, cope with massive volumes of content, and have a clear potential to support real-life processes;

(ii) one broad-based support action designed to establish a unifying roadmap in each of the domains under consideration

d) Developing joint plans and services

The call invites one support action intended to design and lay the foundations of a scalable platform for the joint development/enhancement and hosting of (multi-) language data sets, processing tools and basic services.

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