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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

3. Alternative Paths to Components and Systems

Challenge 3 covers nanoelectronics and photonics, the heterogeneous integration of these key enabling technologies with related components and systems, as well as advanced computing and control systems at a higher level. Energy-, resource- and cost efficiency as well as recycling/end of life issues are major drivers across the Challenge. Its overall aims are:

• to reinforce European industrial leadership in these key enabling technologies through miniaturisation, energy-efficiency, performance increase and manufacturability, for information and communication systems and other applications in 2020 and beyond;

• to enable further integration and cross-fertilisation of key enabling technologies towards building energy- and resource-efficient components and systems through the convergence of nanoelectronics, nano-materials, biochemistry, measurement technology and ICT;

• to expand Europe's industrial leadership in embedded and mobile computing systems towards powering the cloud with cost and energy efficient servers, and towards exploring new paradigms for control in systems with mixed criticalities where the embedded world meets the internet world, and systems of autonomous systems with emergent behaviour.

• to promote inter-disciplinary R&I activities by bringing together different research domains and constituencies with the aim of increasing impact and of bridging to Horizon 2020;

• to stimulate the innovation of European industry

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