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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

1.8 + 1.9 PPP FI: Expansion of Use Cases + Technology Foundation Extension and Usage

(Please note that Call 2 is currently open and will close on October 24. Although the Proposers' Day is mainly targeting Call 3, proposers may obviously address Call 2 as well.)

The objective of the third phase of the FI-PPP is first to provide and run a stable infrastructure for the large scale trials, expand the core platform, the use case specific functionalities and their demand-driven instantiations, and second to involve through open calls SMEs and web-entrepreneurs as developers of highly innovative, infrastructure based, data-rich services and applications, building on, and extending, the large scale trials and the core platform functionalities. The third phase is an integral part of the FI-PPP and capitalises on the investments and developments of phase one and two.

All projects operating under the FI-PPP contribute and adhere to the governance structures in place and develop cooperation notably with CONCORD and FI-WARE. The third phase of the FI-PPP ensures that technological developments and trials taking place in phases one and two will evolve into seed-type activities generating actual take-up of innovative Internet services and applications.

The FI-PPP should also be an accelerator for regional smart growth. Therefore, this last phase of the FI-PPP is expected to connect and establish close synergies with regional developments and policies.

Under objective ICT-2013.1.8 "Expansion of Use Cases", target outcomes include:

A large set of innovative and technologically challenging services and applications in a wide range of Internet usage areas and large scale trials, making innovative use of the technologies and validating the concepts developed under the previous phases of the FI-PPP. These services and applications should make public service infrastructures and business processes significantly smarter (i.e. more intelligent, more efficient, more sustainable) through tight integration with Internet networking and computing capabilities, and notably exploiting open data.

Under objective ICT-2013.1.9 "Technology Foundation Extension and Usage", target outcomes include

a) Technology Foundation Extension

b) Platform availability

c) Platform sustainability

d) Usage and participation

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Relevant challenge: 1. Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures

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