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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

1.3 Digital Enterprise

The work should address new forms of enterprises with agile, ad-hoc extensive connectivity of digital assets and enhanced business processes through integration of sensing capabilities. Focus is on:

a) New models for the Digital Enterprise, based on new forms of business relations with valorisation of digital assets, big/public data, and supporting extended, virtual or agile enterprises in the Future Internet. Research targets innovative concepts, methods, architectures, systems and business models for new digital enterprise systems, including web entrepreneur businesses.

b) Applications for the Sensing Enterprise to enhance the global and physical context awareness of business systems through the development of applications services and solutions for the "Sensing Enterprise" supported by smart components. These components may be sensors, tags, intelligent agents, smart objects, etc. enabling a continuous awareness and improvement of business operations in a digital environment that will bring new business trends and models not possible otherwise.

c) Coordination and Support Actions. One CSA supporting the international road mapping, research coordination and policy activities aimed at the acceleration of new forms of Internet-based Enterprise innovation throughout Europe.

Expected Impact

• New models of business that support and enhance cooperative networking among the wide range of enterprise assets and artefacts through their entire lifecycle and enabled by sensing capabilities of smart components.

• Take-up and use by European businesses of mobile connectivity and sensing technologies to increase flexibility and productivity by incorporating data from smart sensors directly into business processes.

Funding Schemes

a), b): STREPs

c): One CSA

Indicative budget distribution

  • STREP: EUR 15.30 million
  • CSA: EUR 0.70 million

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Relevant challenge: 1. Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures

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