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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

2. Cognitive Systems and Robotics

Providing the next generations of ICT systems and products with more intelligence will open the door to a wide range of opportunities for ICT-based applications in a range of sectors. ICT systems - including robot and robotic systems - need to be more robust, context-aware and easy-to-use. Endowing them with advanced learning, cognitive and reasoning capabilities will help facilitate this.

Challenge 2 Cognitive Systems and Robotics initiates a research and innovation agenda, aiming to develop artificial systems operating in dynamic real life environments, reaching new levels of autonomy and adaptability and interacting with humans.

There is a strong focus on advanced robotics systems, given their potential to strengthen the competitiveness of key manufacturing sectors in Europe and a broad range of innovative products and services across the economy, from home appliances to leisure, agriculture, transport and logistics, inspection and security in dynamic environments. The work will build on and extend past achievements in scientific research and will introduce a significant new effort aiming at the widespread introduction of robotics technology in manufacturing and service sectors.

An additional research focus targeted under this challenge will address symbiotic human-machine relations, which aims at a deeper understanding of human behaviour during interaction with ICT, going beyond conventional approaches.

Objectives / Research areas

2 Objectives / Research areas


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