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Global ICT Infrastructures for International Scientific Collaboration

Location: INCO village

As society’s challenges increase in scale (in ICT, health, environment), cross border collaboration is increasingly needed. The exhibit will showcase three EC-funded projects tackling these challenges:

• Sci-GaIA addresses the Science Gateway and e-Infrastructure policy development and international cooperation aiming at promoting connectivity, global e-Infrastructure services and at identifying applications targeting developing regions;

• TANDEM aims at making possible for researchers and academics to contribute with peers around the world to the socio-economic development of the West and Central African region;

• MAGIC seeks to establish a set of agreements for Europe, Latin America and other participating World Regions, aiming at creating a marketplace of services and real-time applications for international and inter-continental research groups.

These projects are working to ensure that the wider scientific community in Europe and further afield are part of a truly connected world.


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