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Marc ERLICH registered to attend the ICT 2013 Event

ARTELIA Eau & Environnement
Water Resources Modeling Business Unit
Project Director

Mathematician and specialist in mathematical hydrology applied to the management of inundation risks and water resources problems. After academia research and education expertise in operational research, optimisation, optimal control and risk assessment Marc Erlich continued his career in private research and consultant experience in the design of information systems dedicated to real-time decision support involving data analysis, mathematical modelling, simulation and forecasting applied in various fields of environmental applications. At Artelia Eau and Environnement (former SOGREAH Consultants) he has contributed to the development of several generations of hydraulic simulation and real-time hydrological flood forecasting systems and has made their operational implementations in differrerent countries and river basins (Niger, Fuchun , Shanghai, Mekong, Loire, Seine)

The important part of his experience is related to development of flood crisis management systems with an appropriate assessment and inclusion of the requirements of various types of user with respect to the information dissemination to stakeholders during flood crises. Coordinator and contributor of several EU funded R&D projects (ELTRAMOS, OSIRIS, GENESIS, CRISMA) .

He is the director of the Project of Technical Assistance to the Polish Government (Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - IMGW) with the installation of the IT monitoring, data collection and flood forecasting-warning system for the whole territory of Poland in the framework of Emergency Flood Recovery Project and Odra River Basin Flood Protection Projects in Poland ,

At present at Artelia Eau & Environement Marc Erlich is in charge of the R&D projects in the domain of ICT systems for the environmental risk management.

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