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ICT 2013

Multimodal and Natural Computer Interaction

Room H1B, 07/11/2013 (09:50-10:35)

This session will present the H2020 objectives in the areas of natural multimodal interaction.

As devices and systems are becoming increasingly powerful, the interface between human and computer is often lagging behind and constitutes a bottleneck for seamless and efficient use. Leveraging on multidisciplinary expertise combining knowledge from both the technological and human sciences, new technologies need to offer interactions which are closer to the communication patterns of human beings and allow a simple, intuitive and hence more "natural" communication with the system."

One research challenge lies in interactive, intuitive and multimodal systems exhibiting human-like conversational, communicative and social capabilities, able find, retrieve, and integrate information from many sources, and to learn and proactively react to new situations.

Another topic to be presented includes novel multi-modal, adaptive interfaces, including Brain Computer Interfaces, assisting people with disabilities.

The last topic focuses on fostering innovations for market driven and cost effective non-intrusive interactive solutions where real and virtual content are blended.

Organised by: Aleksandra WESOLOWSKA (European Commission, DG CONNECT Unit G3 Data Value Chain, Luxembourg)

Group: Content technologies and Information management



Metin SEZGIN, 06/11/2013 21:30

Multimodal Intelligent User Interfaces

Sketching & Beyond

Metin Sezgin

College of Engineering

Koc University

Istanbul, Turkey


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