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ICT 2013

Cracking the language barrier

Room H1G, 06/11/2013 (16:00-16:45)

This session will present the H2020 objectives in the areas of language technologies.

The challenge here is to facilitate multilingual online communication in the European digital single market which is still fragmented by language barriers.

Multidisciplinary research to be supported under this topic should lead to improved quality and coverage of automatic machine translation. The aim of the innovation actions should be to optimize the translation quality and language/topical coverage in realistic use situations.

Short presentations by networking session participants are possible. If you would like to present 1-2 slides on a project idea or your institutions' profile in search for possible collaborators please contact the session organiser; slots will be allocated on the first come first serve basis.

Online discussions and networking are possible prior to the event. Post your comments below:

- what are your views on the work programme?

- what issues would you like to see addressed in the session?

Organised by: Aleksandra WESOLOWSKA (European Commission, DG CONNECT Unit G3 Data Value Chain, Luxembourg)

Group: Content technologies and Information management



Hadas RAZ, 05/11/2013 22:47

It is important to address the cultural barrier that influences the language barrier. For example using humor.


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