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Big data

Room H1B, 06/11/2013 (16:50-17:35)

This session will present the H2020 objectives in the areas of Big Data and Open Data.

One challenge lies in the Big Data and Open Data Innovation and take-up. The aim is to improve the ability of European companies to build innovative data products and services in order to turn large data volumes into data assets.

Big Data Research challenges address fundamental research problems related to the scalability and responsiveness of analytics capabilities (such as machine learning, language understanding, data mining and visualization).

Organised by: Carola CARSTENS (European Commission, CONNECT, Luxembourg)

Group: Content technologies and Information management



Abraham STALKNECHT, 05/11/2013 11:40

I'm delighted to attend Carola' presentation, with a special interest in the fast growing market of processing >50 petabyte data sets into semantically actionable assets, as we at are doing today and hopefully tomorrow more efficient with support of H2020 initiatives.


Ali TURKER, 08/11/2013 15:00

We're starting a big data FP7 project doing learning analytics for assessment. I'm hoping to launch another on analytics over big data from emerging collaborative (social) learning platforms in H2020.


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