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ICT for Societal Challenges: assessing global impact by inferring values from the international cooperation projects

Booth 9, 07/11/2013 (16:00-17:30)

In H2020, ICT projects topics will be spread among a variety of the so called “societal challenges” and the industrial leadership pillar. Encompassing both visions, we would like to present the need for the adoption of new principles in the evaluation of the success of a project from a more global perspective. The objective of the session would be to promote the adoption of a methodology that allows assessing user-value and global impact of solutions proposed by ICT projects, not only in terms of successful business case studies and technical achievements but also regarding, among others, public common interests, solidarity, sustainability, social responsibility or democratic practices. Some of these aspects are already being considered in cooperation-oriented projects, and we believe these experiences could be replicated all along in H2020, either for evaluation criteria or in the definition of the workprogrammes, as a pre requirement for participation.

Organised by: Josep VIDAL (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), Signal Theory and Communications, Spain)

Topic: International Cooperation



Jacinta ARCADIA, 07/11/2013 13:19

Economic Gardens Internationally Both Digital & Physical

Exclusion from banking has recently been recognised and planned to be rectified by Horizon2020 Agenda for all SMEs, to stimulate growth in each Nations' Economy

Yet, it seems, already the average Citizen is designed-out of this developmental leap of faith for academia and institutions and consortia to be rewarded for all of their tremendous clever minds and laboratories and corporate investments.

Entrepreneurs are promised to be written in for the criteria to achieve vouchers, funding & access to SME bank loans, but most European Banks simply do not believe in the Digital Commerce to young Technologists or inventors.

Being free to warrant International Market access is a Digital Reality for Online Learnng, E-Shopping to Internet Socialising, but switch this for Business for new Start-ups to Entrepreneurs they are blocked, restricted to conduct Business unless they become a resident in the Countries they wish to practice business activities.

Leading Economic bodies know the burden of proof of true International Business thresholds are set by most Countries to award Entrepreneur Visa and Residency Access Rights anywhere between 50,000 to 15 million dollars in any currency for respective Countries - so true access to International Trade and Export is excluded from most Start-Ups.

I am proposing an International Entrepreneurial Passport for freedom across all borders!


Jacinta ARCADIA, 07/11/2013 13:20

Economic Garden of The Human Economy!

Economic Modelling never truly discussed on one platform but time is overdue for Governments and Citizens to ask the forbidden questions on the value of being Human?

Economic Crisis has come at a time when information sharing around the world is at its most effective wave of influence and substantially secure to have knowledge as a new Economic Tool.

This knowledge reveals infinite numbers of people in poverty, no healthcare, no housing and threatened existence on top of high costs of living to environmental threats to land, air, sea and futures.

So I pose these questions for prosperity planning and in total kind motivations to debate the Economic Modelling currently respected but at what cost and who;s exclusion?

How much is a Human Citizen worth?

How much should a House cost?

How much should Rent cost?

Health insurance cost?





If the Economic Garden is to grow, then I personally think we need to ask and hope for a designed paradigm for Economies to actual build-in and design a Universal Promise and Framework for people to be able to afford Humanity!

No Country has perfection, but when People are your Natural Resource I would hope you are clever enough to design Economies that care for their own People!


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