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CloudWATCH: CloudWATCH - EU Innovation Cloud Hub

This is an information stand, located in Zone R4 intelligent connecting intelligence. Stand number: 4C14

The cloud way is the smart way but it needs to be trusted, secure, fair and interoperable. The CloudWATCH Information Stand - EU Innovation Cloud Hub - shines the spotlight on European investments in interoperable clouds contributing to an internal market of services in the European Union. The selected initiatives will provide very significant business opportunities for SMEs with improved trust in cloud-based applications and storage for citizens and business. They will also lower barriers for service providers and users to develop, select, combine and use value-added services through significant advances in cloud technologies with open, standardised interfaces. The outcome will be a strengthened industry in Europe for software-based services offering a wide choice of services meeting key societal and economic needs. The stand will present demos and short animated videos, artwork and live interviews with special guests from industry. CloudWATCH,

Coordinator: Stephanie PARKER (Trust-IT Services Ltd, Communications & EU projects, United Kingdom)

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Stephanie PARKER, 28/10/2013 16:10

European R&D initiatives on display at the stand include: ARTIST, BETaaS, CELAR, Cloudspaces, COMPOSE, HARNESS, MODAClouds, OCEAN, OPENi, PaaSage, PROSE, RISCOSS, Sucre, U-QASAR.

Special guests include the VISIONCloud R&D success story and Cyberlab Citizen. The stand is supported by EuroCloud and will be showcasing Clouding SMEs, Mo-Bizz and Cloud Catalyst.


Stephanie PARKER, 28/10/2013 16:34

Connect, Create, Grow with CloudWATCH! What you can see and do on our stand: Our exhibitors are the next wave of innovation for cloud computing, software engineering, Internet of services.

Watch our dynamic snapshots of projects led by leading European businesses and research institutions.

CONNECT IT - Learn about the why, how and when to adopt technologies driven by the cloud! Send a message from ICT2013 to one of your connections or a friend with our artistic postcard. Photo courtesy of the Italian artist, Alessandro Grazi.

CREATE IT – It’s your artwork! Draw a cloud and tell us where you’re from and why you’re interested in the cloud! Tell us your ideas for Horizon 2020 and find a partner!

GROW IT – Get a great, free eco-friendly gift for the kids, a colleague or a friend!

PIN IT on the CloudWATCH Wall! It has extra-large ears to listen to your questions on cloud computing, your specific needs and concerns. Be cool - answer a question!

Memorise it! Zone R4 intelligent connecting intelligence. Stand number: 4C14


Stephanie PARKER, 28/10/2013 16:42

MobiCloud is a recently confirmed exhibitor.


Stephanie PARKER, 28/10/2013 18:32

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Stephanie PARKER, 28/10/2013 18:35

Connect with CloudWATCH - Join our LinkedIn Group for insights from experts across Europe and globally:


Stephanie PARKER, 02/11/2013 17:11

CloudWATCH is showcasing a total of 22 European initiatives: ARTIST, BETaaS, CELAR, Cloud Catalyst, Cyberlab Citizen, Clouding SMEs, Cloudspaces, COMPOSE, HARNESS, KC-Class, MIDAS, MobiCloud, MO-BIZZ, MODAClouds, OCEAN, OPENi, PaaSage, PROSE, RISCOSS, Sucre, U-QASAR, VISION Cloud. Get our A-Z of exhibitors at:

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