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SOCIETIES: Self Orchestrating Community Ambient Intelligence Spaces

This is a technology or innovation stand, located in Zone R4 intelligent connecting intelligence. Stand number: 4A13

How feasible is it for people to discover, connect and organise relevant people, things and services across real and virtual worlds?

The SOCIETIES project’s ongoing efforts to investigate this emergent new reality, has led to the design of a novel social and pervasive platform featuring personalization, safeguarding, context and relevance innovations. Demonstrator services have now been developed for Disaster Management, Enterprise and Student exemplar domains; through participative engagement with people in those communities. Conference delegates are invited to experience and trial first hand some of these demonstrator services:

- "Pervasive meets social": Sintef's iJacket service illustrates how Internet of Things (IoT) can be utilized in a social setting, both to support socialization and to support goal-oriented collaboration.

- To showcase some of the project concepts, Intel has created a People Finder app aimed at conference environments. This service ranks the attendees in order of relevance for the user, using location-awareness, social networks and facial recognition and so help to discover/connect with them.

- SETCCE will demo the Crowd Tasking service that helps people solve issues and problems by utilizing the participatory power of community members and extends this with the possibility to offer participators to collaborate in physical collaboration spaces by utilizing surroundings using their mobile devices. The demo will also show how this crowd tasking service consumes the community micro-agreements functionality of the SOCIETIES platform.

Attendees are also invited to deploy the SOCIETIES Relevance Android App, customised for the ICT2013 conference, available from the stand or project website (, and to participate in the project’s ambitious user trial.

Coordinator: Kevin DOOLIN (Waterford Institute of Technology (TSSG), Telecommunications Software and Systems Group, Ireland)

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