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Vconect: Video Communication for Networked Communities: Video Mediated Performance

This is an advanced research stand, located in Zone R4 intelligent connecting intelligence. Stand number: 4C10

Vconnect will demonstrate how a multi-camera video-communication system, able to adapt to communication contexts, can be used to support distributed theatre: actors perform live with each other from different stages to the audiences present in the respective theatre halls.

A fragment of “Waiting for Godot” (Beckett) will be co-performed live from UK and Vilnius to spectators in Vilnius.

The booth will also show how the system could be used to convey such performances to people’s own living rooms, but also how it could support social conversations, for example before and after performances. This is an attempt to recreate the theatre hall when the stage and the audience are no longer collocated. But it is more than that, as this novel way of video-mediated communication, sensitive to context of interaction and network constraints, allows for new forms of performance and audience engagement to emerge.

Coordinator: Marian URSU (Goldsmiths College, Computing, United Kingdom)

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