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IPR related to digital content

Booth 5, 07/11/2013 (09:00-10:30)

An extremely relevant topic in the light of fostering the digitization process and the open access to the data; delegates from several EU projects and from Europeana Foundation participate to this round table to discuss about:

  • IPR landscapes for various kinds of digital content (e.g. documents, audiovisuals, photography, digitized art-pieces, monuments, artifacts) and the relationship with the European research, the movement of open content/open data, the Europeana IPR framework and the Rights Labeling Campaign
  • Public Domain concept: the original vs. the digital copy of an art-piece; its implication in Europeana and beyond
  • Scenarios for the creative reuse of digital content
  • Awareness and communication

Private companies, public bodies and research centers involved in digitization, digital cultural heritage research and Europeana-feeder projects will share the experience on IPR, technology-enabled services and the potential to exploit at best the digital cultural resources.


Antonella Fresa, Promoter srl, Technical Coordinator of EuropeanaPhotography

Andrea de Polo, Fondazione Alinari

Viktorija JonkutÄ—, Lithuanian Art Museums

Julia Fallon, Europeana Foundation

Marion Doyen, University of Coventry, Coordinator of EU project EuropeanaSpace (in negotiation)

Jacqueline Cawston, the Serious Games Institute

Evgeny Kossev, Regional Museum of History - Stara Zagora, INSIDDE project

Organised by: Valentina BACHI (Promoter srl, Italy)

Topic: Creativity & Media


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