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e-Infrastructure for Open Research Data in Agriculture, Fisheries & Biodiversity

Booth 3, 07/11/2013 (14:00-15:30)

Currently one of the main challenges is dealing not only with the large amounts of data but diversity – diversity from different sources, from different instruments and from different disciplines. Placing the user at the centre is essential. The session will highlight the key contribution of several EU-FP7 projects, including iMarine & agINFRA, to promote the sharing and quality of open research data for international organizations dealing with agriculture, fisheries and biodiversity.

The session will illustrate how these robust e-infrastructures provide solutions to foster & leverage on open research data through the provision of key & winning services and applications for data managers, data providers and data consumers of both a scientific and general nature.

Organised by: Hilary HANAHOE (Trust-IT Services Ltd., N/A, United Kingdom)

Topic: Computing, Systems and Infrastructure


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