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Cloud Service Brokerage: Key Enabler of the Future European Enterprise Cloud Service Ecosystem

Booth 2, 07/11/2013 (11:00-12:30)

Cloud service brokerage (CSB) has been identified as a key innovation enabler in EU's “roadmap for advanced cloud technologies under H2020”, and rightly so. The future lying ahead is one where IT environments are transformed into a matrix of interwoven infrastructure, platform and application services delivered by multiple providers. To deal with this complexity brokers will become indispensable components of the cloud computing value chain.

The objective of this networking event is to allow European stakeholders who are interested in CSB as a new technology and business model to exchange views on related challenges and opportunities, especially in connection with H2020.

Visitors to the networking booth will:

  • be introduced to the research agenda of the FP7-funded Broker@Cloud project
  • exchange views on major challenges and opportunities for R&D on different forms of CSB
  • meet delegates with common interests relevant to CSB with whom they could collaborate in H2020.

This network session is co-organised by Dr Iraklis Paraskakis SEERC, Greece and Dr Simone Braun, CAS, Germany

Indicative publications

  • I. Patiniotakis, S. Rizou, Y. Verginadis and G. Mentzas, Managing Imprecise Criteria in Cloud Service Ranking with a Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method, European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC 2013)
  • D. Kourtesis and K. Bratanis,Towards Continuous Quality Assurance in Future Enterprise Cloud Service Brokers), 8th South East European Doctoral Student Conference (DSC2013)
  • S. Rizou, Y. Verginadis and G. Mentzas, Continuous Service Optimisation as Cloud Brokerage Service, 3rd International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (Closer 2013)
  • K. Bratanis, D. Kourtesis, I. Paraskakis, Y.Verginadis, G. Mentzas, A.J. H. Simons, A. Friesen and S. Braun, A Research Roadmap for Bringing Continuous Quality Assurance and Optimization to Cloud Service Brokers, eChallenges2013

Other dissemination events

  • G. Mentzas, A.J.H. Simons and I. Paraskakis, 1st International Workshop on Cloud Service Brokerage: Cloud Service Brokerage -Methods and Mechanisms, co-located at 11th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2013), Berlin, Germany 2-5 December 2013.

Organised by: Iraklis PARASKAKIS (SEERC-South East European Research Centre, Information and Knowledge Management Research Cluster, Greece)

Topic: Computing, Systems and Infrastructure


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