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Preparing the industry to privacy and security-by-design by supporting its application in research

Room H1F, 07/11/2013 (09:00-09:45)

ICT research projects will advance domains - such as smart grids, active ageing, intelligent transport systems, or smart cities - where privacy is an important issue. Policy makers have adapted the regulation framework in Europe to integrate the concept of privacy-by-design (PbD). Consequently designers of future applications will have to apply PbD methodologies. The session will discuss the following:

(1) How should PbD methodologies be developed, used and enhanced in parallel to research projects?

(2) How should they be applied by research projects in order to create a wealth of experience that will prepare for a smooth transition to industry deployment?

(3) What would be the impact on education curricula?

Privacy concerns in different application domains will be compared (e.g. location oriented services, social networks or surveillance systems). Roles of research policy makers (e.g.EC, national programs) will be discussed. Actions towards a coordinated move will be discussed so that on-going projects but also new projects can integrate Privacy-by-design practices

Why should research projects care about privacy-by-design ? The PRIPARE Initiative. Antonio Kung. Trialog
Identifying and discussing current initiatives for privacy-by-design. Jim Clarke. TSSG
  • Standardization: OASIS PbD, ISO Privacy Impact Assessment, ...
Identifying targeted research projects. Alberto Crespo (ATOS)
  • future internet,
  • intelligent transport systems, smart cities
  • smart grid
  • independent living projects, …
Can we work together? Intended calendar. Carsten Rudolph (Fraunhofer SIT)

Organised by: Antonio KUNG (Trialog, France)

Topic: Security & Trust



Lothar FRITSCH, 23/09/2013 16:24

An important topic that should receive our attention! I will attend this session!


Antonio ALFARO, 30/10/2013 13:43

Indeed this will be a hot topic in the next years. We are working on legal/regulatory aspects in this field.

We will attend the session and we hope to establish good contacts and start a fruitful coopeartion!


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