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European Technology Platform for High-Performance Computing - Achieving HPC leadership in Europe

Booth 2, 08/11/2013 (09:00-10:30)

ETP4HPC members will present their Strategic Research Agenda, a roadmap to develop this HPC technology ecosystem and European leadership that will benefit all HPC users - both academic and industrial R&D centres. It has been prepared by a broad team of experts taking into account various inputs and the European position. It sets ambitious objectives for the different technologies required to produce leading-edge HPC supercomputers up to the Exascale level.

Then the broader link with the European Commission policies, setting up Horizon 2020 programme, will be discussed with relevant intelocutors, as well as the current state of foreseen implementation mechanisms and relationships with other stakeholders of the HPC value chain.

Organised by: Francesca GAROFALO (CINECA, SuperComputing Applications and Innovation, Italy)

Topic: Computing, Systems and Infrastructure


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