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What does the future hold for e-science and big data?

Room H1C, 06/11/2013 (16:00-16:45)

Big science and big data have led to some of the most exciting discoveries to date, such as the human genome and the Higg’s boson. As society’s challenges grow in scale, for example in biodiversity, environment, health and ICT, the collaborations needed to address them must cross national borders. The open computing services that support these collaborations must ensure that Europe has world-class research and data infrastructures (including e-infrastructures) accessible to all researchers. Infrastructures should also maintain Europe’s competitive edge and deliver the ERA through increased coordination and elimination of fragmented effort. This session brings together researchers, data owners and service providers (including SMEs) to explore the future for e-science and how to deliver open access to data through Horizon2020. European digital science will drive excellence in science and future and emerging technologies, underpinned by world class research and data infrastructures.

The session will consist of a speaker panel, who will present their ideas for what the future holds for e-science and big data. The panel will then answer questions from the floor. Panellists include:

Donat Agosti, Plazi and Pro-iBiosphere

Roberto Barbera, Cometa, Italy, eI4Africa / CHAIN-REDS

Bjorn Pehrson, KTH, Sweden, demo on e-health

Alexandre Bonvin, University of Utrecht, WeNMR / EGI

Organised by: Catherine GATER (, Netherlands)

Topic: Big Data Challenge



Karine VALIN, 24/09/2013 11:13

Over the last few months, a dedicated effort to build Identity Federations in Africa has been underway. The federated services that have recently been deployed in Africa, thanks to an eI4Africa ( specific program, have officially come online. Public-facing websites for the KENET, NgREN, SAGrid/SANREN and TERNET Identity Providers allow users to sign up and enter the federation.

Thanks to a special agreement with Comodo, established in the context of the CHAIN-REDS project (, the websites of the above Identity Providers are secured with official digital certificates (automatically recognized by all web browsers) so those federated services can now go in production mode.

All four Identity Providers have already been connected to the Africa Grid Science Gateway, allowing researchers in those countries to access the tool and execute the eI4Africa lighthouse applications on a distributed e-Infrastructure including several African sites.

*** I will definitely participate in this networking session! ***


Karine VALIN, 24/09/2013 11:22

The EuroAfrica-ICT/P8 ( project prioritized 6 joint Africa-EU research Focus Areas (Health, Environment and Energy, Learning, Agriculture, Infrastructures, Government Services) that address actual needs and challenges in Europe and Africa, builds on expertise and interest in both continents, where ICT is a critical enabling technology, where there is still scope for new collaborative R&D, and that have potential for wide socio-economic benefit.

It is acknowledged today that e-Infrastructure (the ICT Infrastructure Focus Area) is a significant, cross-cutting and indispensable prerequisite for the benefits of the Knowledge Society to reach all socio-economic domains.

The EuroAfrica-ICT/P8 and eI4Africa ( projects will thus demonstrate during the ICT Event 2013 innovative ICT systems resulting from successful Africa-EU ICT research cooperation aimed at satisfying specific African needs and requirements in the field of ICT infrastructures. Prototypes that are ready for commercialization, together with several Africa-EU demonstrator projects that could be implemented if funding is granted, will also be showcased during the ICT Event 2013 (EuroAfrica-ICT Booth + 'What does the future hold for e-science and big data?' Networking Session)

*** Join this networking session to listen to Bjorn Pehrson (KTH Sweden) from the EuroAfrica-ICT and eI4Africa Partnerships! ***


Edwin MORLEY-FLETCHER, 02/11/2013 19:53

We are particularly interested in the discussion about e-health and e-infrastructure, and we will therefore attend your Networking session. We would greatly appreciate if you would like to join our networking session as well, “Big data and data analytics impact in healthcare” Room H1E, 07/11/2013 (09:50-10:35), in which we will discuss the implementation of Big Data tools and about their application to the routine clinical practice.

Furthermore, we would invite you to visit us at the MD-Paedigree Booth, where we will be demonstrating some features of our innovative e-health Infostructure.


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