Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

ICT 2013

Conference session

A journey into 2050 futures and policy challenges

Hall 5.1, 08/11/2013 (11.00-12.30)

ICT is dramatically transforming our economy and society at a pace that has no precedent in history of mankind.

But, what will happen in twenty-thirty years? What is the next wave of technological innovations that will shape the life of our grand-children? What kind of future-proof policies could we envisage today to address the socio-economic challenges of the 21st century?

Digital Futures has been launched by DG CONNECT to prepare for reflections on ICT-related policies beyond 2020. The project's most distinctive feature is the grassroots involvement of stakeholders to define long-term visions and generate ideas to inform the policy reflections that will take place in 2014 around the renewal of the European Parliament and the Commission.

The project uses the collaborative foresight platform Futurium to enable anyone to co-create visions and ideas for future strategic choices, including Horizon 2020 R&I topics, and attach scientific evidence to them.

This session will reveal the outcomes of Digital Futures and will gather the final round of inputs to consolidate the project reports before their final release in January 2014.



Links and Documents

Chair: Robert MADELIN (European Commission, Belgium)


Robert MADELIN (European Commission, Belgium)
James ELLES (European Parliament, Belgium)
Willem JONKER (EIT ICT Labs, Belgium)
Daniel KOFMAN (Telecom ParisTech, France)
Maarja KRUUSMAA (Tallinn University of Technology, Center for Biorobotics, Estonia)
Stefan JAHNKE (Erasmus Student Network AISBL, Belgium)
Kumardev CHATTERJEE (European Young Innovators Forum, Belgium)
Beth COLEMAN (University of Waterloo/Harvard, Digital Media Art & Innovation, Canada)

Session organiser: Franco ACCORDINO (European Commission, Task Force Digital Futures, Belgium)


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