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ICT 2013

Conference session

Innovating by exploiting big and open data and digital content

Theme: H2020: ICT for Industrial Leadership

Hall 3, 07/11/2013 (16.00-17.30)

This session will illustrate the increasing innovation and exploitation potential of big & open data and the innovation potential of ICT for digital content and creativity.

The role of key data producers & consumers in exploiting data through innovative services will be discussed and opportunities for SMEs highlighted. In addition, trends and challenges regarding technology, research and policy in the data value chain, (multilingual) data analytics, digital content and creativity will be covered.

Please also have a look at the networking sessions for the Big Data Challenge and Creativity & Media .

The session report can be found here .

The session recording is available here. .

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Chair: Andreas GOERDELER (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, IT, Communications and Postal Policy (DG VI), Germany)

Session organiser: Carola CARSTENS (European Commission, CONNECT, Luxembourg)


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