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ICT 2013

Conference session

Connect: Smashing silos, building bridges, exploiting synergies

Hall 3, 07/11/2013 (14.00-15.30)

Being digital should be as simple as breathing, and for that we need underlying platforms to be reliable and secure, and our data to be protected. However, the technological and societal challenges that need to be tackled are still seen as separate silos. Four speakers will talk about the bridges between key ICT elements that are shaping the real world and driving it to our digital future.



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Chair: Paul TIMMERS (European Commission, DG CONNECT - Sustainable and Secure Society, Belgium)

Session organiser: José Vicente GARCÍA (European Commission - DG CONNECT, Belgium), Mirjam BORSTNIK GERGELY (EC, DG CONNECT, Sustainable & Secure Society, Belgium)



José Vicente GARCÍA, 31/10/2013 15:18

Join the conversation on Twitter! For this session we will be using a double hashtag: #ict2013eu + #nosilos.

Follow our moderator and speakers on Twitter: @PaulTimmers, @IlvesToomas, @teirdes and @crassociati.

@Mirjamina and @josevtegarcia are the session organisers.

In addition, students @Nasia_K and @tautvisprancke will tweet and report from the session.


Athanasia KONSTANTINOU, 10/11/2013 21:22

Find online the session report:


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