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ICT Research in Creativity

Room H1D, 07/11/2013 (09:50-10:35)

The proposed session will be jointly organized by ESADE-Spain, CITY University-UK and ICCS-Greece.

The objective of the proposed session is to generate insight and collect feedback on future research directions in the area of creativity and how to support it in educational, professional and social settings. It will explore issues such as creativity in learning, social creativity, creativity in the design process, creativity in problem solving, computational and digital support for creativity and social intelligence for creativity. Participants can become involved in the development of future research directions and opt for joining the validation community of ongoing research projects in the area of creativity. Discussions will also focus on what new research streams in creativity are envisaged for Horizon 2020.

The session will comprise two slots:

  • In the first slot, existing research projects in the area of creativity, COLLAGE and MIRROR will present their current results and future development plans.
  • The second slot will provide stakeholders from the academia and industry the opportunity to become involved in the validation of current research results and in the identification of future research directions for ICT research in creativity. This slot will be facilitated as a creativity event by a skilled facilitator with the aim to creatively discover future research directions and opportunities for creative approaches and support tools.

Organised by: Victoria COCHRANE (ESADE, Institute for Innovation and Knowledge Management, Spain)

Topic: Creativity & Media


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