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Future services to facilitate FLOSS development and adoption by EU research and business communities

Booth 2, 07/11/2013 (14:00-15:30)

The software & services industry's innovative trends such as Big Data Cloud and Mobile Computing are connected to relevant free-and-open-source software (FLOSS) products and related skills that drive new business. Supporting the development and adoption of FLOSS is a key element for accomplishing Horizon 2020 objectives towards boosting job creation supporting innovation and stimulating private investments. This networking session will aim to:

Find collaborative solutions to strengthen European FLOSS developers, particularly SMEs

Examine technological and non-tech (ie. legal) barriers that are hindering further FLOSS adoption

Provide an overview of developments made in FLOSS-related FP7 projects and identifying areas where Horizon 2020 research can leverage these gains

Support approaches for increasing and measuring the quality of FLOSS

Facilitate collaborative development to reduce time and effort related to the analysis, assessment, comparison and integration of code and licence

The Session advocates reflections on future of FLOSS in Europe in the perspective of Horizon 2020 objectives.

Accordingly, the Session addresses both EU Researchers and FLOSS Developers, who will benefit from the discussions (and will contribute to them) in terms of:

* identification of research priorities which can boost the full adoption of FLOSS in Europe;

* an integrated view of future services aimed to enhance the FLOSS development, as the ones the session organizers are realizing.

After an overall introduction, in fact, each Project will go in depth in one of the Horizon 2020 topics identified as relevant for the future benefit of FLOSS development. The discussions will be aimed to explain the reasons which make the topic relevant for the specific project and how, in connections to it, the proposed solution impacts on the software life cycle and generate societal benefits.

14.00 Francesco Torelli (MARKOS project) “Introduction to the main reasons for supporting FLOSS in H2020 perspective: from impacts on the software lifecycle to the societal benefits”

- Francesco Torelli (MARKOS project - n 317743) "Global level view of open source software on the web"

- Xavier Franch (RISCOSS project - n.318249) "Risk management of OSS development in the cloud"

- Dimitri Kolovos (OSSMETER project - n. 318736) "Measurement and analysis of open source software: a big data challenge"

- Alfredo Matos (PROSE project - n. 318218) "OSS development support tools: how a software forge can sustain H2020 innovation"

To better fit the logistic of the Networking booth, the presentations will be run twice

Organised by: Ilaria LENER (T6 Ecosystems, R&D, Italy)

Topic: Computing, Systems and Infrastructure


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