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ICT 2013

Knowledge-based Digital Manufacturing

Room H1E, 08/11/2013 (09:50-10:35)

This session is expected to inform and raise awareness concerning the advantages of digital manufacturing technologies in the European Industry, focusing on the management of engineering knowledge throughout the product lifecycle. It will investigate the relevant developments in FoF-ICT projects. The objectives of this session are in line with the European Commission’s targets for infrastructures, technologies and services and for the next generation computing as described in Horizon2020 as well as in Pillar II (Interoperability & Standards) of the Digital Agenda. The session is expected to nurture actions for innovation support (including standardisation) and future RTD initiatives.

Manufacturing end-users, software developers and researchers are anticipated to take part in this session. End-users, and especially SMEs, will benefit from improving key performance values, such as faster process design, time to market and the associated costs. Developers and researchers will benefit from on-going and future initiatives related to the topic of knowledge management. LMS – Uni. Patras will coordinate the involvement of the communication channels established in the EC funded MyCar and Know4Car projects (led by VOLVO) as well as in other FP7 projects, such as VFF, IMAGINE, KAP, e-Custom, FoFdation, Apps4aME and SkillPro and Almende B.V. correspondingly for the FP7 project ARUM (led by EADS), ensuring the sufficient endorsement and participation of the most relevant stakeholders.

  • Knowledge-based manufacturing (Know4Car project presentation - N. Papakostas / LMS - Uni. Patras)
  • Agent-based adaptive production management (ARUM project presentation - A. Schirrmann / EADS)
  • Scalable Semantic Product Data Stream Management for Collaboration and Decision Making in Engineering (SmartVortex project presentation – H.-U. Heidbrink / INCONTEC)
  • FoF Projects for PLM / Digital Factory / Simulation / Optimization for the Smart Factory (D. Gorecky / DFKI)
  • Horizon2020 - Opportunities for Collaboration in the area of Engineering / Manufacturing Knowledge Management (N. Papakostas / LMS - Uni. Patras)

Organised by: Nikolaos PAPAKOSTAS (University of Patras, Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, Greece)

Topic: ICT for Manufacturing


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