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Connected Smart Cities and the Future Internet

Room H1C, 07/11/2013 (09:50-10:35)

Smart Cities need Smart Citizens and this session will focus on citizen engagement and user driven open innovation using ICTs, ensuring that citizens are at the centre of ICT service development through co-production. It will bring together the collective experience of more than 20 projects supported through a range of EU programmes which have come together to form the Connected Smart Cities network in partnership with Eurocities and the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). Now, looking towards Horizon 2020, the Connected Smart Cities Network is working closely with the Future Internet PPP (FI-PPP), FIRE and the EIT ICT Labs to consider the Future Internet as a backbone for open, shared experimental platforms and ecosystems. Thhe sessions will cover the development of Local Digital Agendas at a strategic level through to practical applications and services being piloted and reused across Europe and globally which all share to commitment to citizen engagement and empowerment.

Intro and welcome: Dave Carter, Manchester City Council, Chair, Connected Smart Cities Network.

Tools for Smart Cities: presentation of the work achieved to date by CIP Project supported through the 'Future Internet enabled services in Smart Cities' theme, including:

Katalin Gallyas, City of Amsterdam: 'the enabling effects of ICT on smart governance and re-shift in policy making due to Open Data & Open Innovation' (CitySDK project);

Prof. Pieter Ballon, iMinds: Living Labs and open platforms for smart mobility and smart parking (ECIM project);

Joan Batlle, City of Barcelona: 'fostering the co-creation of services of public interest in urban spaces by opening up public infrastructures' (iCity project);

Adrian Slatcher, City of Manchester: using tools for smart cities (SMARTiP project and Commons4EU);

Ana Garcia, European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)- The Creative Ring: a new experimental community and platform for sharing creative and innovative content and activities all over Europe, using advanced Internet technologies and networks (SPECIFI project);

CITADEL - on the move, mobile apps for mobile citizens, Hugo Kerschot, IS-practice.

Organised by: Dave CARTER (Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA), MDDA is part of Manchester City Council, United Kingdom)

Topic: Smart Cities & Sustainability


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