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Steven BISHOP registered to attend the ICT 2010 Event

UCL - University College London
United Kingdom

Coordinator of GSD (A FET funded CA project)

Coordinator of FET Flagship proposal FuturICT

Steven joined UCL in 1984 and has since worked on a range of multi-disciplinary projects covering engineering dynamics, fires in buildings and modelling sand dunes. This last aspect brought him into the new area of complexity science where he now seeks to model the dynamics and interactions of spatial-temporal socio-economic systems. He has formed a European network of physical and social scientists in order to investigate how decision support systems can be developed to assist policy makers and has run conferences in the UK House of Lords and in Brussels.

Steven is well known within the Future and Emerging Technologies and elsewhere within the EC and it is from here that he is coordinating research that spans economics, social science and computer science all focused on demonstrator problems such as transport, urban development and infrastructure. He advocates a ‘global’ approach which not only considers the physical scale of the problems but also the complexity incorporating all aspects within a decision making process. Steven envisages a time when we can run models with millions, or even billions of agents all interacting with engineers and scientists all cooperating to help major disaster relief activities or to form support for policy decisions.

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