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iPROD: ICT Technology for Model Based System Engineering

This is a stand in the Belgian National Pavilion, located in Zone B: Belgium National Pavillion. Stand number: B16 - 3 days

Belgian ICT company LMS International offers a combination of virtual simulation software and lab testing systems to advanced manufacturing industries.

The firm aims to design products that turn sustainability – through eco-efficiency and advanced safety – into product assets. Advanced simulation and workflow organisation methods using grid technology and HPC power are central features. Current research focuses on rethinking the traditional design-simulation-validate process into a multifunctional model-based system engineering paradigm; a number of ICT projects support key elements in this process. LMS is a partner in projects EMBOCON (embedded optimisation) and ESTOMAD (energy software tools for sustainable machine design). It coordinates the ICT project iProd (integrated management of product heterogeneous data), which explicitly addresses the challenge of intelligent information management.

Technical description

Coordinator: Herman VAN DER AUWERAER (LMS International, Research, Belgium)

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